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To Be Known by God

To Be Known by God


Matthew 7:22-23 Many will say to Me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?’ And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!’

Does God know you? Is there an intimate exchange of truth and spirit between you and God? How do you know about Him, where/whom have you learned about God? How much of what you know have you learned from God Himself, and not another? Listen to your words; is it he/she said/taught or is it God taught me? Do you obey HIS truth, words of life spoken to your spirit? To know Him is to obey Him in love. For when you know Him, you become a part of Him. John 14:23, John 17:3

If you obey in love, then you seek, listen and follow His voice above all others in everything. You move from doing what you think is good to God directing your thoughts/actions/desires. 1 Corin 8:2 When you are led by the spirit of God, you are a son/daughter of God. Romans 8:14 This intimate interaction is to know God and to be known by Him.

1 Corinthians 8:3 But if anyone loves God, this one is known by Him.

Major Stumbling Block to Being Known by God; Religion

A HUGE roadblock to knowing God in truth and spirit is clinging to a religion, even the religion of Christianity (vs. pure discipleship under Christ). Religion is man-made doctrines, structures, and images defining God and things pertaining to God. Religions create false images of God. So you are interacting with an image and not the true God, thus He doesn’t know you. You can’t learn about God from another, only as He reveals Himself to you. Just as you can not truly know someone until you meet him/her yourself. Religions try to define God to you; who He is, how to worship Him, and what He expects of you. This is being led by mankind’s ways and not the spirit of God. Receiving “understanding” second hand creates false images since you’ve never meet Him, just as with another person. The multitude of denominations reveals the magnitude of mankind’s doctrines and people following the dictates of their own hearts, verses seeking the one true God. Those of God are of one spirit, not divided. 1 Corin 1:10-13 Especially for us once churched people, we have to lay our beliefs before God and seek to know Him as He is, because our understanding of God and His ways have been crafted by others and are FULL of man-made images.

The warning of Christ in Matthew 7 strikes very deeply, no one wants to be one of those spoken of in those verses. Jeremiah 16:10-13, Matthew 7:22-23, Matthew 22:13-14 Most don’t think it’s them. Many who call Lord, Lord, believe they are worshipping and serving the true God. Yet, this passage testifies to the contrary, that they were following a false image. They were serving someone, but not God, so who? Following the lawless one, creates lawlessness.

Example: Images of God

As lies and deception permeate religions, people don’t realize they are worshiping a false image of God …

Image 1

A God who governs by fear and guilt.
Followers “come to Him” out of fear; to avoid eternal torment
He killed Jesus in pouring His wrath on him because of people’s sin
He eternally torments those who don’t worship Him as He says
He fosters a suffering life, “for your good”
Guilt abides in followers to move them to action
He has little power in people’s life, thus hardship and affliction
Life is one of suffering until one dies and goes to heaven
Evil is the victor for eternity; for lives spend eternity in hell
Hypocritical love and a judging spirit abound in followers in response to their beliefs

Image 2

A God who governs by righteous love
Followers “come to Him” out of love, not fear
He gave up His spirit so He could fill many to give them eternal life (1 Corin 2:8, 1 Peter 2:24)
Consequences of actions are for the sake of turning people to paths of life so they are healed and renewed
He uses chastening to keep people from the paths of death
He gives abundant life now to those who walk in truth
He came to redeem people from death, not send them there
His will is sovereign, thus death is destroyed, not victor
Love is in sincerity and truth
Mercy triumphs over judgment

Can you tell who is who? Can you see the different spirits? Can you see that many promote the first image; an image counter (anti) to the true God?

Purging False Images of God

Because of the abundance of false images:

1. Seek the instruction of God’s Spirit to teach and build a solid foundation of truth in your life.

2. Leave religion behind and take a break from the teachings of others so you can learn to become a disciple of Christ, and not others. It’s extremely honoring to God to seek Him with such diligence, to put your trust in Him to teach you for this is His command and desire.

3. In your time with Him each morning, put all church/religious doctrines aside and seek to know God as He is by listening to His Spirit speaking words of life to your spirit and through His Word.

4. Come in the humility that God desires; admitting you could be misled in your beliefs about Him, and seek to learn from Him. Psalm 25:9

5. Ask for all lies to be revealed and purged. Be willing to let go of every doctrine you learned in church/family/fellowships, and submit to His sovereignty and instruction.

6. Let God teach you so you are able to stand on the true Rock, the truth. Know Him as He is by coming come to Him in spirit (no images) and truth (as He is not by false images or doctrines.)

Testimony of His Presence in Your Life

How do you know you are known by God? You experience His presence. God is truth and love. If you are truly following God, your life bears the fruit of His presence and grows brighter and brighter in truth/light/righteousness unto the perfect day. Proverbs 4:18 His presence manifests wisdom, joy, peace, healing, blessing, rest, and the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4 When you come to Him in truth, this is what you receive as you walk with Him in righteousness. It’s a witness to the truth. This fruit bearing reveals His presence in your life; fruit by His doing, not your self-efforts. Galatians 5:22-23 It’s not by self-effort that transformation comes, but by His Spirit taking over you. 1 Corin 6:9-10

Amos 5:21-24

I hate, I despise your feast days,
And I do not savor your sacred assemblies.
22 Though you offer Me burnt offerings and your grain offerings,
I will not accept them,
Nor will I regard your fattened peace offerings.
23 Take away from Me the noise of your songs,
For I will not hear the melody of your stringed instruments.
24 But let justice run down like water,
And righteousness like a mighty stream.

As God returns to redeem this earth, people will see what they were truly worshipping, as all is revealed. In that revelation, many will bear great shame and say Lord, Lord, Ezekiel 36:32, 43:10, Hosea 4:19 We need to put all religion aside and come to God one-on-one to listen and learn from Him as He has commanded, then we will discover the true God of amazing love and mercy. Amos 5:4-6

Amos 4:12 “Therefore thus will I do to you, O Israel; Because I will do this to you, Prepare to meet your God, O Israel!”