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The Purpose and Meaning of Fasting


Blog Talk Radio: The Purpose and Meaning of Fasting

A PODCAST (click here to listen) is available on the deeper meaning of fasting you often don’t hear discussed. You can also get it at Itunes. Search for Stirring the Deep under podcasts.

Overview: Fasting is an area that is greatly misunderstood and misused. When we understand the spiritual implications behind it, then it has tremendous power in our lives.

Here I discuss this act and the spiritual depth and meaning behind it. I hope this explains unanswered questions about it. Hint: it’s much more than not eating.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

8 thoughts on “The Purpose and Meaning of Fasting

  1. Just finished listening to the podcast. It really cleared up my thoughts about true fasting. Since I have started seeking God I have felt at times that I am alone but I have continued abiding in his Word and continuing to seek him. This podcast really explained how he is refining us during this time and we have towalk press on. Thanks for your posts Rachel.

    • Hi Philip – glad you enjoyed it. I plan on doing one next week that goes deeper into this refining journey that believers embark upon. Understanding the why of our circumstances is not only encouraging, but gives us the means of better going through it.

  2. Rachel,
    I’ll be replying to your post in a follow-up post on my blog next week.

  3. Rachel . . .I’ve been able to listen to the first 10 min. or so . . .and it was so helpful! Thank you! Waiting for a good time to catch the end! God bless you and your teaching for Him!

    • Debbie — gald you’re enjoying it. It covers some things you don’t hear very often … I least I haven’t, but makes a lot of Biblical sense.

  4. Dear Rachel

    This morning, I googled these three words: ‘fasting+last+days’. I shunned the islamic and regressive sites. I then discovered your ‘StirringTheDeep’. I wondered how many Christians are seeking the discernment of God’s will via fasting and humble prayer. In these times we are infiltrated within and without with unspeakable evil in the US, I am compelled to emulate Jehoshaphat of 2 Chronicles 20.
    Me fast began on 13 June and will be completed on 4 July (provident?). During this time, I encouraged my Christian brothers and sisters, my family and friends, and about 100 e-associates. Very few acknowledged both pleas I sent them last week. Their silence spoke volumes. I am about to try again, but I am ‘waiting on the Lord’ to give me the words to speak with His fidelity and resonance. Do you have any assistance and how many are like we. We = PILMOA = Politically Incorrect Like Minds Of Agabus.

    • Hi Albert – Glad you found me and thanks for your comment. I fear you will find few these days who can truly fast as there is a lack of knowing God thus not truly able to trust in Him and a lack of a faith in the Word of God. Indeed America is truly evil and it seems more apparent to me each day. The worst evil is that disguised as good, because then it can do it’s work unaware thus much more effectively. This is our problem in America – among many. It is our duty and honor to pray for so many who are lost in this evil, that God will stir their hearts, awaken them from the sleep and the blindness to truly seek and know Him as He did us. May we never underestimate His great mercy.

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