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Abiding in God’s Love


Abiding in God’s Love

The other morning during my quiet time as my sweet Sophie laid next to me, God gave me an experience of tasting the depth of His love. Words fail to express what I felt and learned on a deeper level, but still I speak because the awareness of abiding in God’s vast, pure, and perfect love is what He desires for all His children.

With a quiet purr, Sophie rested totally relaxed by my side. As I rubbed her ears, her eyes and body revealed a state of complete bliss. It was like I the center of her world. There was no other place she would rather be at that moment. She was at total peace. With no fears or concerns, she was fully in the present moment taking in every moment. She wasn’t concerned about her next meal, where it would come from or if it would be there. She wasn’t worried about any predators. She was in the heart of protection, provision, care and above all love. She dwells under the care of a tremendous love and I think she knows it.

As I looked at her with my love gushing over her, God spoke to me . . .

The way you look at Sophie is a taste of how I look at you. My love abounds toward you. You are special beyond your understanding. Be with me as she is with you. Abide in complete trust, delight, and comfort. As you do, you honor and glorify Me and you are in the rest and life I desire for you.

As you desire the best for Sophie, how much more I desire the best for you. Trust in my love for you. It’s always present, abounding, and unending. Our relationship isn’t about judgment or condemnation – all this was taken care of in Christ. It’s about love. It’s leading and guiding you to live as I created you, to abide in a loving relationship with Me and letting that love overflow to the lives of others.

Be aware of all the provision around you; be thankful and excited about it. Don’t worry about tomorrow. Don’t live by the past or the future so that you miss out on all the blessings that surround you. Trust and be at complete rest abiding in my care and love for you.

Always make Me your first Love, the center you blossom from, the Rock you stand upon. As she gets excited to be with you, delight in being in my presence. Be with Me in all purity and holiness. Be there just to enjoy. This is my heart’s desire. Follow me. Long to be with Me. This connection is why I made you. To delight in you and you in Me and to be one in unity of heart. John 17:21-23 Take time each day just to be with me and enjoy Me and our relationship as she does you.

Abide in the comfort my presence brings. I’m always with you. I’m your shepherd, protector, provider, healer, and deliverer. As you are her peace, I’m your peace. Trust in the shadow of my wings always. I will care for all your needs. I perfect all that concerns you. Psalm 138:8

Abide in my love. Let others abide in my love that’s in you. Let it pour out from you in sincerity and truth. Be free in giving your love. It’s a never ending stream – let it flow abundantly.

Share these thoughts with others, for I desire to be this way with all my children. Each one is unique to Me and I long for each one. Deuteronomy 30:6, 20


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Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

15 thoughts on “Abiding in God’s Love

  1. Love is the greatest power on Earth. To know love is to understand God. Jesus is the best example of love. He gave His life for all of the evils of the world. We thank God and praise God for love; may it abide in our hearts forever. Great post.

    • Hi Dr. Lee – love is the greatest power – a power that comes only when we are truly united to God in truth and spirit. Jesus is the best example – as He is God and God is love. I’m so thankful that God humbly manifested himself to become one of us to show to demonstrate His love. Thanks for your comment!

  2. Whilst not excluding THe world Rachel, I pray the whole Christian world would read this and allow the Lord to speak to them, because most do Not believe that this is exactly what He is like.

    “….Our relationship isn’t about judgment or condemnation – all this was taken care of in Christ….” So many of the Lord’s people don’t “get” this.

    Bless you heaps for sharing this testimony.


    • Hi Roger – It’s true most don’t “get it” — I think it is because most haven’t nurtured a real and deep relationship with God so that they can know and experience His love that comes out of that intimate personal relationship. My prayer is that people will take the time to develop this relationship with Him. No one can do it for us. It has to be our active commitment and engagement. Thanks Roger for your thoughts. I always enjoy hearing from you.

  3. Thank you for this post. It was a good reminder.

  4. Hey Rachel,

    This was wonderful. So many very specific lines were standing out to me that I just had to stop and jot them down.

    So many things went through my mind – about struggles I’ve had or am still having and how completely letting go in the hollow of His mighty and merciful hand is about freedom and grace, not struggling.

    I sense the Trust I lack but am reaching toward.

    As I read, my heart and mind remembered the longing I’ve had for so much of my life for acceptance and love, and I realized that this is the longing that He has for me – that His longing and mine can be fulfilled in this blessed and perfect union of Father and daughter. In so much of life – be it work or school or personal/family/friend relationships – it seems we are so replaceable, so insignificant as specifically “me.” I didn’t realize how much I still this day needed to hear His words and be reminded: “Each one is unique to Me and I long for each one.”

    Sweet experience! Thank you for letting Him speak through you to me… again! This is just another way I feel His great heart shaping mine; I just wrote more thoughts on that in my latest blog 🙂

    • Hi Ruth – I love how you stated – “I sense the Trust I lack but am reaching toward” – I do the same – you can sense in your spirit where you want to be in a state of total Trust. It isn’t a place we just wake up and are at one day — little by little as we draw near to God and truly get to know Him as He is that trust grows. It’s a process – and as I look down this path I’m on – I sense the Trust growing as I continue down it. Very exciting.

      This world devalues us in so many ways – we often need to remember just who we are as His unique creation, irreplaceable and valued beyond our understanding. We get a lack of value from others because they don’t understand their own value, therefore don’t have it to give. I pray we all grow in this understanding of who we are in Him.

      I look forward to reading your post 🙂

      • Thanks for the reply! Yes, it all IS very exciting! I hadn’t really thought of what you said… about people not giving value to others because they don’t understand their own value themselves. A good point to remember when dealing with others.

  5. I just loved this message, Rachel. It somehow put all my struggles in perspective of a holy God who is working them all out for my good. His provision for me is enough. I take good care of my pets because I love them. You made it all so clear how much more God loves and provides for me. Great message! Thanks Rachel.

    • Hi Marianne — It amazes how God can use our little furry friends to teach us so much. For all the love we have for them – how much more God loves us – amazing.

  6. Beautiful post, and I love the photo! It’s a good way to illustrate a bit of God’s love for us. Your words help sharpen that image and bring a comforting, joyful feeling!

  7. Hi Rachel,

    I, too, love my cats. Your Sophie looks like a rag doll! My sweet Sophie is a norwegian forrest and Oscar is a 25 lb. maine coon. The Lord speaks to me through my kitties, too. I’d love to share my story in a more private email if you are interested!

    • Hi Tamara — I would love to hear! Send me an email at

      Other than God – talking about my cats is my next favorite topic 🙂 Sophie is a ragdoll. I looked up both your cats – gorgeous!! and 25lbs – that’s a hand full. Look forward to hearing from you.

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