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A Reminder from my Cats – Sacrifice of Love


A Reminder from my Cats

Sacrifice of Love


During my quiet time this past weekend, I was reading through Leviticus and the animal sacrifices that were required of the Israelites. Until that morning, I always read through these chapters with the understanding that the animal sacrifices pointed to Christ’s eternal sacrifice for us. But, I never really thought much about the innocent little animals that had to give up their lives. But that morning the Spirit gave me a powerful impression that will forever change how I read those chapters.

My cats, Malcolm and Sophie, often sit with me during my quiet time. As I read those chapters I looked over to them and reflected upon their innocence and how much they trust me to care for them. The thought that an animal, an animal like my Malcolm or Sophie, would have to die for me hit me in a powerful way. To think that they would have to give their precious innocent life for my wretched sin cut me to the core – how horrible that they would have to die for me. It’s their innocence that makes that thought so horrific.

But now take that same thought to Jesus. Now I am not putting our pets and Jesus in the same category, which would be ridiculous, but sometimes those physical examples around us remind us and prompt us to reflect. Jesus was perfect in innocence and His love for us. The value and preciousness of His life is beyond our ability to grasp and yet His life was given for us. Sometimes we hear so much about His sacrifice that we lose the potency of it. This reflection reminded me of the purity, innocence, and value of His life that was given for my sinfulness. How much God must love me, to give His perfect son to die for me so that I am live in His presence. How wretched my sin must be to need such a valuable sacrifice.

Imagine someone giving you their precious pet or even a child to be sacrificed for your sinfulness – now that is an awesome, amazing love. If someone did that for you, what would your response be? What is your response to God and what He has done for you? He gave His Son so that you could be reconciled back to Him and be united to Him in love – how do you foster that unity with God?

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Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

13 thoughts on “A Reminder from my Cats – Sacrifice of Love

  1. Great thoughts Rachel!!
    Its true that we are only possesive about are pets. There are many cultures worlwide that encourage scarfices. But I feel its just too much, really. Its actually insane. How can you justify killing a life. You were not the creator of the life, then how can you take it.
    Good that you realised it Rachel.

  2. Rachel,
    It is humbling beyond words, to think of our sinless Christ suffering how He did. At church we are going over the Beatitudes, and how Jesus said “Blessed are the meek…” We talked about how meek does not equal weak — how Jesus could have used all His power to avoid death, but with self-control instead said “Father forgive them.” Thanks for a good reminder and example of His innocence.

  3. Hi Sis, Much to ponder on this post, I never really looked at this way, our pets are so precious and so much a part of our family. Even when I think of the baby lambs used back then. But most of the lamb of God and the Father who had to give up his precious son for our sins. Great post sistah!!!

    Hugz Lorie

  4. That was a good analogy, Rachel. Goes right to the heart of what sacrifice is.

  5. A great reminder of what we often take for granted.

    God bless.

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  7. Hey Rachel, sept. 09 posts; My perception is very close to the same. Just the life circumstances, taught me in a different way, amazing God, can take two opposit recipy & come up with the same results. —do you remember Paul giving thanks to all fellow workers & telling the dude, “bless you and the CHURCH in your house”. Do you remember Jesus saying,”your house (house of prayer/temple/church-building/church-system) will remain unto you desolate” The word “REMAIN” says the phisical temple will not be built a third time. —the son-of-perdition will take his seat in the temple; I did not just leave denominational church, but tried every one of them, even the seventh day denominations. They all have the same format that was started by the son-of-perdition. —In my mind, I make a point to have a mountain-top expierence with God every day; I think it may be partly what you call, “your quite time”

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