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A Message from the Ants: The Well Travelled Path


A Message from the Ants:

The Well Travelled Path


Recently our house was invaded by tiny little creatures who absolutely amaze me in their focus, determination and perseverance. They do a lot of work for their size. Their work is organized and fairly efficient. There are some who stray off the trodden path. I found wanders climbing on the stove, swimming in the honey, and exploring the tub. But for the most part the majority is disciplined in their efforts to gather food and carry it back to the colony. They are an impressive creation.

As these little guys started to take over, we decided to intervene – though they were proving to be captivating entertainment for my cats. After being carefully observed, some ants would meet their demise under a furry paw poking and prodding at them.

We strategically placed traps, which looked like little houses, for them to crawl into full of tasty sweet liquid. One then two would find this magnificent oasis then tell the others. Before long the traps overflowed with feasting ants. Little did they know it was the drink of death despite its tasty flavor swirling in their mouths. Proud in their discovery, they carried this sweet death back to their colony. The next couple of days the number of ants tripled, quadrupled, sextupled into these little houses. But as the days passed, the black lines traveling back and forth began to wane and day by day more and more disappeared until there were none.

Truly I don’t like killing these little creatures, but when they start climbing over the keyboard, on my hand, in my tea cup, it is time to put an end to the madness. I wish I could become on of them for a just a day to tell them to go find food somewhere else, but we have our limitations.

As I watched these ants this past week in their diligent pursuit, it brought to mind a far more serious image.

Sometimes our intentions can be quite good but we are loyally headed on a path that leads to death. We are focused, diligent, and faithful and believe we are gathering the best food for ourselves and those we love – but it is the food of death. We are trying to do our best but we are on the wrong path. Proverbs 7:25-27

Let me explain. In these days, the last days, the Word vehemently warns us that deception grows worse and worse. Matthew 24:11. Deception is what we hold as truth, which is really a lie. False prophets are deceiving many. Their deception is becoming so extensive and sly that if given enough time even the elect would be deceived. Matthew 24:24 Think about that for a minute.

The church system is like the poison liquid traps. For some that analogy may be overwhelming to consider. But after reading, asking and praying over God’s Word for years this message has only grown stronger and others are hearing the same thing. The time is upon us where the enemy is taking over the sanctuary, the house of God, the church system. Lamentations 2:7, 4:12, Jeremiah 7:30. Satan is smart. The traps don’t look evil but good, nourishing, fulfilling – the worst kind of evil and deception there is because people believe they are on a good path.

I feel this message strongly upon me and out of my love for others I am sharing it but . . . it is hard. I know how much the church system means to many of you. But if you were enjoying a great time visiting with friends and I knew there was a fire consuming the building I would tell you. I’m compelled to repeat the warning that Jesus gave us – look out for the deception it will be extensive and the ultimate ruse because it could mislead even the elect! Matthew 24:4 Get out while you still can. Matthew 24:15-17, Rev 18:2-4.

What the church system offers seems wonderful, good, tasty, healthy, but it leads to death because it is putting a barrier between people and God and His truth. People go to church thinking they are drawing closer to God but the institution erects itself inbetween a deep relationship between them and God. Though they speak of God and the Bible, the truth is twisted just enough to make it a lie – a lie that kills. Not all do this intentionally. But regardless if the intention is good or bad – the result is the same. People look to the church to provide and protect – not God. They look to the church to be fed – not God. They lack a real love for the truth. 2 Thessalonians 2:10 And this misplacement of trust leads to their downfall. Many have good intentions, but they are headed down the wrong path. Over and over God tells us what is to come. We need to start seeking truth and get out of our habitual ways of walking the well travelled path.

I won’t mislead you – it is hard, very hard to leave what has been engrained in you that you should do. And there are additional reasons it is hard – some I’ll talk about in my video to follow where I share part of my story. Unfortunately, easy was never a word used by Jesus, the prophets, or apostles to describe these times. There are hard choices we have to make – some which will bring persecution. 2 Timothy 3:12-17

The GOOD NEWS is God is calling out to His people. He is gathering them together under His wing through His Word. He is revealing Himself in powerful ways to those who seek Him. He is connecting believers outside of the church system. He is providing and protecting those who come to Him. He is feeding from the greenest of pastures – out of His hand. He is the Great Shepherd. He is the sanctuary that can’t be corrupted. He is doing something new and those who seek will find it. It is a tremendous time to be cultivating a real and deep relationship with God.

Many are faithfully committed to their church because that is what they’ve always done. It is the trodden path. Have you gotten into the habit of thinking you must go to church because that is what a good Christian does? Now is the time to deeply question and seek God’s truth about where He wants you. We are so quick to rationalize, justify and excuse – but what does His voice say? His Word tells us what will become of the house called by His name. Listen to His Words, heed His warning.

Matthew 7:13-14 “Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it. 14 Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it.”

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Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

19 thoughts on “A Message from the Ants: The Well Travelled Path

  1. Hi Rachel,

    As always your post is thought-provoking. I agree that something seems to be happening in our churches — in many cases a preoccupation with the things of this world, that gets in the way of Jesus. There’s false teachings everywhere.

    And while it’s true that God may call some to leave this “trodden path,” He may also call others to remain as warriors — to fight for Christ’s people in the Spirit. To intercede over the programs and classes, so that God’s word and will make it through the fray.

    It’s my belief that our churches are *the* battleground in these last days, where Satan would try his best to take as many down with him as possible.

    If you are anointed with the Spirit, please stay and fight for His bride.


    • Anna – thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts – I love to hear what others are thinking and feeling.

      I understand what you are saying about staying to battle . . . but God’s spirit compelled me to leave – it wasn’t my decision – and it was hard because most my friends and family are part of the church. I’ll be posting a video this week about this journey. But God has a plan that will take place regardless. Having spent years seeking in His Word over this message what He is teaching me grows stronger and more clear. I believe that part of His plan is for the enemy to take over the sanctuary as part of judgment so He is going to pull His people out – as many will follow His voice. (in the post – I added a link to the list of many verses of why I think this). The God of Word stands and will be fulfilled – it is similar to Jeremiah’s time. Jeremiah warned God’s people that Jersusalem was going to be taken over by the king of Babylon. No one believed it – no one thought God would let that happen, but it was part of His plan that was going to be carried out.

      Never quite thought about it in those words but I feel I am fighting for His bride – in telling God’s people to get out of harms way. It is a difficult message but one I’m compelled to share.


  2. “But if you were enjoying a great time visiting with friends and I knew there was a fire consuming the building I would tell you.”

    Very well said.

  3. Rachel, as always a powerful message And very well put. I join you in this message. I feel that we must speak the truth of Christ tho those deceived without worrying about offending. I would rather someone be offended then to let them be lost forever. Jesus spoke only the truth while he walked this earth. He did not placate the message of eternal life. For that, he offended nearly everyone.

    • Thanks Marianne – you don’t know how much your words of encouragement mean to me. sometimes, it is hard to talk about the hard things – but often those are the most important ones.

  4. Hey Sis,
    So I see they have invaded your home as well, They are not so much in my home yet I do have a some, but at work we those big carpenter ants that fly ewww and they are just everywhere. I’m glad I got to read this post today, because the enemy is sure causing havoc and division amongst the church leaders. It has affected me to the point that I don’t want to go there anymore because of all the issues, backbiting and seeing church members treat each other like enemies. I already am not feeling well in my body and church should be a place where I can find solace, serenity, peace and sisterly and brotherly love. I don’t want my child to see all this as well. I continue to pray for them, but no one wants to be the weaker one so they continue on. It has to start with the leadership and I feel they should be an example of prayer at the altar calls.. sorry did not mean to vent, but the spirit is hindered and the church needs to be a healthy oone for souls to prosper.

    Hugz Lorie

    • Hi Lorie . . . so glad you stopped by!! It seems those little creatures are showing up in many people’s homes – and flying ones too – oh my!

      I’m glad you shared (vented) – and what you are experiencing in the church is happening all over – Jesus told us the times would come and as His true temple we need to cling to Him not the church system. The prophets tell of what will become of the church – and it is happening according to their word – though we may not understand all of God’s plan – God said this would happen. I believe according to His Word, there is a time when we will have to leave the institution and come together as the true body of Christ in Spirit and truth – I think that time is now. It is a hard truth – but it is for our souls sake (literally) and that of others that we need to seek God’s will and truth in this – and not rationalize what we think is the best decision. He told us what would come. He told us how to respond.

      I’ve been praying for your health issues – and I’ll keep this is my prayer as well – sweet sistah ; – )

  5. Hi Rachel…Just stopping by to say hello and thank you for visiting and your kind words. I am going to subscribe to your place here. What thought provoking posts you have!

  6. God Bless You.Its hard to believe that there are angels in guise of human beings even today.God Bless You

  7. Excellent post, I like the analogy between cleaning the house from the ants and cleaning your soul from the church.

    Also, “Swimming in the honey…”
    Rule no.1 – Never leave an honey jar open.

  8. Not an easy message to hear but one that I know possesses truth. In the OT the Temple system, which was supposed to be one manifestation of God’s presence, was subverted by corrupt priests to actually become the place of God’s judgment (see Jer. 7). The same is happening in many churches. I see that, and just hope I don’t contribute to that. Your words are a sound warning.

    Thanks for visiting my blog, Bible Fountain, which I post to occasionally. My main blog is Family Fountain, and I invite you to visit it, too.

  9. Hey Rachel, when other people repeat the same words that the Spirit has spoken to me, it is the Lord wittnessing that I am not in delusion. Some points I must pass on; I have seen in the “word” that for every teaching of the Lord – satan has produced a counterfeit (this post of yours explains one) (Jesus died &was resurrected – the son of perdtion died &was resurrected) (the 70weeks-of-years prophesy was twisted into an honoring to the son-of-perdition) (God’s blessed world is rapidly being turned to glory for the son-of-perdition) My foremost point; today there are multipals of versions of scripture. I personally can only find two of them that Jesus would approve(the old king James & the 1952 version that was revised from the dead sea scrolls)! Even the new KJV is not one of them. —as you noted, satan is working over time in deseat; what better place than the twisting of God’s teachings? example: scripture that notes God’s sanctifing of a person is rewritten to have a meaning of one man bragging on another man. —When I knew the truth of this post, was when a high-dollar TV preacher said, “yes, the Sabbath is saturday but, if we changed back now, it would disrupt the world” exactly what the Lord said would happen for blaspheming the Holy Spirit(which, by the Spirit, was the way he knew the truth of days)! Another great evangilest, always ended his message with, “and be sure to go to church next sunday. Another, said, “me &the other six preachers of this church are the ones that should be followed because, we are the ones that rightly divide the truth for you” —Rachel, please ask the congregation to pray for truth in what I say and begin to search for Jesus approved scripture!!!

    • Hi Eldon, agree … for every truth, Satan has produced a counterfeit or twisted that truth for his own purposes … you see it everywhere. Satan does twist the scriptures, he has his own version which is often preached in mainstream religions … but this is why God gave us the Holy Spirit, to teach us ALL things because all things would be corrupted by Satan. The Holy Spirit can use this fallen world to teach us God’s glorious truths, and as we learn we are freed from the web of lies.

  10. Proverbs 6:6,…study the ant

    i actually did a little study of the ant,..amazing little creatures,..they operate like an army in what ever they do,..and everyone knows its place,..researchers think the queen and each ant can telepathically communicate, not sure if that is what the verse is provoking us to do in the same way we can telepathically communicate with Our King through The Holy Spirit,..telling us we dont need ministers, priests, kings or queens or president as overseers,… gather little morsels of ‘bread’ that keeps us going till we get our fill come ‘Harvest’

    Rachel, dont worry to much about extermination of the ants,..Our Father made so many, many, that if you gathered them all together and weighed them …and gathered all the humans of this world and weighed them,both would weigh approx the same!

    Isnt that amazing?….What an Amazing Father and His Wonderful Son as Our King,we have!

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