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Of Law or Of Grace


Of Law or Of Grace


I read a post several weeks ago. The woman said she felt such a strong disconnect with mainstream Christianity that she wished to be called something other than Christian to denote the separation.  I resonated with her comment and as I thought about it, I see a clear separation in one underlining belief that affects everything.

Though called by the same name, there are two different groups of Christians who couldn’t be further apart; those who are under the law and those who are under grace.

Those under the law go to church, tithe, try to act like a good person, participate in ministries, and go to Bible Studies because that is what they should do as Christians. If they don’t then they feel guilt however subtle. If they do they feel good about themselves.  Their faith has become a religion of works earning their place in heaven or in God’s heart. Their obedience is out of fear of God pulling away and withdrawing His blessings. In essence their actions are bribes to receive His good favor. Deuteronomy 10:17

Plain Truth Magazine put out an interesting article this month on churchaholics, which describes this group. The article is worth the read a couple of times.

In contrast, the other group lives solely by grace. They focus on abiding in God’s truth, nurturing their relationship and whatever good comes out is the fruit of His spirit within them and not by their power of will or efforts.  Because it is His work and not theirs, there is no guilt in doing or not doing.  What they do is about desire not raw obedience. Obedience pertains not to bribing God to bless them or be good to them; it has to do with how close they are to God. They experience blessings because God is in their lives. The closer they are to Him the more they experience all He is. He is their reward; their everything.

Which group is correct?

The covenant we have with God is established on grace. In Christ there is nothing we can add to our salvation or sanctification. Exodus 31:13 It is the second part where the do-gooders go sideways off the path of life. We enter God’s kingdom by grace, we grow in it by grace and we become great by grace. We do nothing. Matthew 18:3-4 Everything comes from God’s spirit working in and through us. We don’t work for God, He works through us. Nothing is forced, earned or contrived.

When we start to add anything to the covenant of grace then we are trespassers to His covenant, and are no longer abiding in it. Matthew 25:29 If we aren’t living, breathing and acting from grace, then we aren’t living.

The doctrine of grace is not easy to accept and follow in a world where our value and acceptance is based on what we do. Under grace it is disobedient to try to work, earn, and prove. Hebrews 4:11 We all fall at times into the trap of works, but what are we striving for grace or works? Every other religion is based on works and many Christians have joined them. Therefore they have a different religion with a different god.  2 Corinthians 11:4 That’s the separation.

And the tricky part is the majority of those who say they are under grace are actually under the law. The masses think they are under grace because leaders tell them they are, but if they examine their deep-seeded motives they would see they aren’t. The two groups talk the same lingo, but the foundation of their motivations, actions, and judgments denote a huge separation.

How could they be so misled? The legalism is disguised, subtle and in what people praise, not necessarily say. It is couched in friendly, loving words, sweet smiles and jovial countenances, but it is law all the same. You should be in churchDo whatever you do, but make sure you come to church. (smiles)

They are like your sweet but over controlling mother, playing the guilt trip card. If you were a good Christian then you would be in church. Guilt is a very powerful motivator.  We do whatever we can to remove its presence in our lives. And most churches are employing this tactic to maintain their costly lifestyle and doing so they are breaking their covenant of grace with God and bringing many down with them.

We come to God with our lives one way, grace. We either live by His covenant or not at all.

I think the church was at one time an instrument of God to grow His people, much like Egypt. Deuteronomy 5:6, 26:5-6 But like Egypt it has become a house of bondage with its oppression of should to’s. God is calling His people to Him in grace and those who know the true Shepherd’s voice will follow it.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

5 thoughts on “Of Law or Of Grace

  1. This is really interesting… I’ve never looked at it like this. I love the last sentence… “God is calling His people to Him in grace and those who know the true Shepherd’s voice will follow it.” God bless you! You’re a wonderful writer!

    • Thank you so much for this article.I am a 28 years old aaricfn woman and at a point I want to start a family. I am dating someone I love very much; he is a great guy and loves me very much. We want to get married before the end of next year and I am very happy with him.Now, there is someone else who I’ve known in a longtime and has now become a family friend. We have a history. He’s been talking about marriage and finally he is now ready immediately. My family likes him because he is from our tribe, responsible and from a good family. Naturally I like him.Truth is while he is ok and nice,he doesn’t make me happy, he is rather insensitive to my feminine emotional feelings and because of age gap and different philosophy about life, I fear I may never quite be fulfilled or truly happy in a marriage with him.Meanwhile, the other guy I’m presently dating, I’ve known for 4 years and have grown with. He is caring, very loving and sensitive. He is 4 years my senior and is my best friend. He doesn’t come from the same tribe like myself which doesn’t matter to me.He makes me happy and and shares similar views about life with me, we never lack what to talk about and turly happy with each otherWhile I was battling the decision of who to settle with given time considerations, he got his admission for an MBA in the USA and is now filing his visa. This tore me apart and almost seemed like a sign to me becasue my goal for now is to settle down and start a family. But we talked about it and decided, we will start a family and then next academic year, he will leave for his study.Logically, what is right to do is marry this other guy who is responsible, from the same tribe with me, a family friend and who is also more financially bouyant and is ready NOW.But my inner most feeling knows that if there is life and all things being equal, I will be happier with the guy I’m dating presently. I feel this way becasue he makes me happy, understanding and my best friend. Please give me your candid advice.

  2. Thank you for your encouragement!

    • This is why I like the word “renewal” so much better than “revival.” 🙂 Not that aonnye has to agree with my assessment, but to me, the word “revival” means something dead is being brought back to life. The church, as I see it, thinks they need revival, when in reality if they would live with what you’re talking about here, the ongoing renewal of our minds, we wouldn’t feel “dead,” but rather we’d face each and every day with the vibrancy of the life of Christ in us!They would realize the church isn’t “dead” and therefore doesn’t need “revival,” but rather simply needs to be renewed in the truth of who they already are – people who have already been made alive with Christ!

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