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Dining with the Divine


That which is in the soul cannot fail to bring forth LIFE.

Divine love is Truth’s Will universally leading all of creation into its ever-increasing perfection.

Divine Love guides Truth’s Universal Will within the soul so that Truth’s divine potentials enter the soul’s awareness, manifesting perfection in the outer realm of appearances. As these potentials arise into expression, they create spherical time, which is the experience of LIFE’s Perfection without end.

As Divine Love governs all that enters the soul’s awareness, creating the experience of Truth’s abundant LIFE, Truth’s power is perfected within the soul, which the soul experiences as its own power. The soul initially experiences this power as it begins to break out of its seed-state, ending all sense of powerlessness and dissolving the illusionary reality it created.

Truth’s perfect power is its ability to increase awareness of itself. This power lives within the soul, because the soul is an individualized center of Truth’s awareness. When the soul dines with divinity and the soul’s awareness of Truth increases, Truth’s power is realized in the soul. Through Truth’s perfect power acting within the soul, Truth’s Universal Will and its integral energetic essence, Divine Love, flow through the soul, manifesting the spherical self in spherical time.

With Divine love guiding the soul’s awareness, the soul cannot fail to bring forth LIFE.

In the illusion of free will, the soul’s awareness hasn’t matured in the understanding of the inseparable oneness between Truth’s Universal Will and its integral force, Divine Love. Without the truthful understanding of oneness received from Truth’s Living Voice, the soul sleeps in the womb of its individualization experiencing a dreamworld of endless and conflicting, separate free wills.

In this illusion, the soul mistakenly thinks it’s experience of life is real because of the sensation of its expanding linear awareness. Thus, the soul spends its energy via its free will to expand its linear, one-dimensional awareness so it can enhance its illusionary life that it mistakenly believes is its true life.

In its dreams, the soul’s linear awareness doesn’t lead to an eternal expansion into the Perfection of Oneness, but an entropy toward decay and death. Initially, the soul tries to alter this experience of disharmony by obtaining external power in order to be more in control of the present moment, which usually means trying to take power from another in some way. This pursuit of external power leads to a world of temptations through which the soul experiences a sense of power over its present moment. These temptations often turn into addictions, which ironically the soul feels powerless to escape, but they are only illusionary chains.

Without a multi-dimensional awareness that marries Divine Love to the soul’s individualized will, the soul sleeps in an imperfect reality. The deep severance between Truth and Divine Love in the soul’s awareness serves the divine purpose of revealing to the soul that the source of its Perfection isn’t an isolated free will, but a free will in oneness with Divine Love.

The soul’s perfect power is its ability to increase its awareness of Truth. The soul engages this perfect power when it trusts the expansion of its awareness to the Living Voice of Truth.

As Divine love integrates into the soul’s awareness, making it multi-dimensional in the infinite awareness of divine love, the soul begins to experience Truth’s perfect power, which frees the soul from a sense of powerlessness. Little by little, the soul’s true power begins to replace the feeling of powerlessness in the soul. As the soul gains awareness of its perfect power in oneness, it shifts into the dimensional awareness of Divine Love, which is the experience of Spherical Time.

The soul’s multi-dimensional awareness of Divine Love, which is the movement of Truth’s Will through the soul, eradicates the feeling of powerlessness that was a derivative of free will. Divine love sustains the soul’s thought energy at a higher vibration, and as a result the soul’s thoughts become incorruptible. This sustained vibration of higher thought energy begins to change outer forms from expressing corruption to expressing incorruption. In this, the spherical self reveals Truth’s LIFE in all its perfection.

That which is in the soul cannot fail to bring forth LIFE, Divine Love.

For this corruptible must put on incorruption, and this mortal must put on immortality. So when this corruptible has put on incorruption, and this mortal has put on immortality, then shall be brought to pass the saying that is written: “Death is swallowed up in victory. ~ 1 Corn 15:53-54

Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with Me. ~ Revelation 3:20

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Author: Rachel

My passion is cultivating a deep relationship with God and helping others to do the same. I LOVE sharing with others insights that God has taught me and hearing what God has taught them... thus my blog, Stirring the Deep. My focus is on a relationship, not a religion. Life is in the relationship. I believe in a balance and unity of body, mind and spirit. I feel it's important to nurture all three for they all affect each other. I try to live in the present, where the Holy Spirit is. And I try to do all with the motive of love. I've come to believe life is a journey and not a destination. It isn't about perfection, is it about growth.

6 thoughts on “Dining with the Divine

  1. One thing i learned from the Devine, is when all the world is in chaos, and it is confusing on which ways to pull the strings, when in doubt, the greatest FIX that never fails to ALL GLOBAL SITUATIONS, is to have COMPLETE TRUST in ALL THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD. when you give TRUST to everyone(seeing I AM in eachother), then you will see every person acting in the EVENTS in ways that fix any situation BEING PULLED into our Experience(shared)(align with true heart).

    when you have complete trust in others, the world seems to never fail us.
    (at least that is my experience(trusting in the devine spirit)).
    when we see the term devine spirit, it is just that, devine spirit(spheracle)(I AM)(shared)).

    look in the news, and watch your heart in action. what sticks out the most that affect MOST PEOPLE..
    what are you GIVING(FROM HEART)? you cant lie to yourself through the world, as it is DEVINE LOVE(our greatest GIVING)), in which our own true strengths become revealed).

    an experiment you can do is a form of meditation.
    in the meditation, you are not only going to quiet your mind, but you are going to listen to what comes through when u do…

    the difference in this medation that i want you to do that is different from any other meditation that you experienced, is that what you LISTEN TO, you will know is SELF.

    you are going to LISTEN TO YOURSELF in that quietness.
    it is your heart(spheracle) that you will be listening to(past/present/future)(highest vibation)(devine)(the world).

    when i get experiences, WE tend to react as though the info given(into mind and heart), is our own. so we think our own thoughts are our own, but with spheracle experience, you step outside of yourself, and listen to your surroundings(as you will first experience as your own), step out of that OWN SELF< and know that your self extends outside of ONE INDIVIDUAL. we are INTERGRATED in ways unknown(trust something higher than your own awareness(through eternal knowledge).

    you wont be let down

    • This is a beautiful insight – the sharing of a revelation received directly from Truth’s living voice. Through your awareness of life’s oneness, divine love is given entry into the imperfection of linear time, recreating it as Spherical Time by which the perfection of the present moment causes an increased awareness of perfection in the future. This is how the new day dawns – and what a gift you’ve given us all by sharing your insight.

  2. another thing i want to make aware, as even as i share, it isnt the sharing itself that is important, but through the LIFE of ELEMENTAL LAW(flows through), just the idea alone gives just a tiny bit of strength needed to every person on earth(directy by the spirit aka eternal aka holy spirit, aka our true heart(shown in the world)). this is the true purpose of ARC OF THE COVENANT..
    again, the arc is the spARC created by everyone on the same frequencys(VIBRATIONS), and the coventant is the source of the ARC from every person on earth.
    that means every person gives to the spirit(but most in today’s world is unaware because of ALL religions(that teach using linier)).

    I dont even have to do anything to make something happen, but trust in heart as it is always being revlied through the WHOLE WORLD(align(cross) heart and world together(communications)), but when i am in the right vibrations, it affects ALL THAT IS(as everything we do does).

    if today you feel bad, and the next day you feel good, and then the next day you feel good again, and then another bad day and so on, the moment isnt as important as ALL MOMENTS ARE.. most communications from the spirit COMBINE ALL MOMENTs as you know your future(but convinced ourselves that the past/future isnt important(through misinterperations).

    to give to the world is to see the BEST in everyone to bring out the ONE GOD IN ALL…
    and no names that religion teaches shows what god is.
    but i can tell you what god is. GOD is the power of EVERY PERSON ON EARTH that is more powerful than the things that make us different. it is the ONE GOD IN ALL that makes us all the SAME(aka god’s children).

  3. i guess, this is a good time to talk about PRAYERs. Through Speracle time, you can understand more deeply HOW prayers work.

    when u set a prayer, and u say “in jesus name” at the end, you are not really praying. (just following ritual)
    Prayers come from the heart, not the mind. when you pray for someone else to GAIN, it comes from heart.
    if you dont understand how prayers work, on rare occasions, they still may work(depending on your heart).(you must understand how they work for most optimized praying).

    if you go and pray to give to someone, and then you go elseware and try to take something away from someone, your prayers wont work.

    (heart is outside of time). (heart is revealed through the whole world).

    to say in jesus’s name really means “understanding the high end of the law of opposing force”(the GIVING END).
    you cannot really pray without understanding eternal laws. you cannot pray using linier thinking(all the prayings you do in church does absolutly NOTHING).

    In real Praying, you are Giving from heart(vibrations). when you give to others(Spheracle), you are giving to your great self(interacting with vibrations which are outside of time). Since each person represents some aspect of your(our) self, when you GIVE(high end of the law), your prayers have already been answered(even while just begining)..(eternal spARC)..

    prayers also reveal to you some aspect of your heart as the more you do for others in time, the more they will work in the NOW.

  4. I believe it will take awhile for me to sync up with terminology and definitions, but I do believe that I’m somewhere between 30 and 50% level of understanding. It surely feels like truth to me, but I’m not at this level yet.
    My time is somewhat limited, but I will surely continue this quest.
    Thank you!

  5. To progress further in our understanding of time, you will need to recognize that you were created as a center of Life’s awareness, able to perceive a finite, though ever-increasing understanding of your Self in Truth. You are a living awareness, observing the Truth of which you are made, through a layer of Truth you believe will be made. This very special layer of Truth is the gate into the fullness of Truth, for beyond it is the source of your awareness, being the infinite awareness in which you are created to be an “observer”, which is to say “experiencer of Life”.

    Truth’s will functions in this gate, in the layer of Truth you believe will be, as a “thought adjuster”, working in your awareness under the governance of Divine Love’s perfect Will. Truth’s will uses its oneness with the Fullness of Truth to perfectly adjust your thoughts, so that your current awareness of the Truth can become one with the truth you believe will be. This is the manner by which your awareness enters into a higher dimension. Only Truth’s Will can continually expand your Self awareness within the perfection of its Truth. The sensation of Spherical Time results from the working of Truth’s will upon your current awareness, building it layer by perfect layer in your understanding, causing the Truth experienced in your present moment to always be increasingly beautiful. Unlike linear time, In Spherical Time there is ever-decreasing entropy because Truth’s Will perfectly expands a center’s awareness of Life’s perfection, through an eternal and perfect progression into the infinite awareness of Truth’s Fullness.

    To understand the manner in which Truth’s will creates the ever increasing experience of perfection, imagine that the Fullness of Truth encompasses your present awareness of Truth in the same way that infinite awareness encompasses every possible layer of Truth’s awareness that Life could ever possess. This means the Fullness of Truth’s Life is already known, just as every number is already known and experienced in the awareness of infinity. If even one number was lost, infinity would not exist. You are already complete and perfect in every way because your current and future awareness already exists in the Fullness of Truth. This is easily proven because that which is not true does not exist and you know that you exist.

    You have been individualized as a center, a beginning of Truth’s infinite awareness which is the awareness of every level of Truth you will attain and experience in all eternity. Truth’s will ensures the perfect progression from forgetfulness into the fullness of your truth by continually adding a deeper awareness of “oneness” to your current awareness of Self, in the same way that we proceed numerically to infinity by eternally adding another “one” to the current awareness of the present value. Spherical Time is experienced as a center continually lays down the current truth about its Self, and rises up into what the center’s awareness considers a higher truth, only to be laid down again for yet a higher dimensional awareness of Self. On and on, growing ever more aware of the beauty of Truth’s fullness and the recognition of oneness with it.

    Truth’s will ensures Life’s perfect expression because the end of one’s current awareness is the perfect beginning of a greater awareness, with each new level of awareness revealing a deeper understanding of Truth’s oneness. Every new level of awareness contains every preceding level, just as any number on its way to infinity contains within itself the awareness of every number that came before it. Truth’s will ensures you grow in the awareness of Truth’s perfection, along an eternal path of preordained, perfectly sequenced levels of awareness which result in an ever growing understanding of Truth’s oneness, the source of perfection. Your individualized awareness is being led back to the Fullness of Truth, the infinite awareness of Oneness from which you came, which is the journey back into the awareness of your Father. Again we are reminded that there is but one Fullness of Truth, yet a myriad of individualized awarenesses continually growing in the perfection of the Truth’s fullness from which they were made.

    The awareness of your ever-increasing perfection is inevitable because the Fullness of Truth is already aware that your eternal journey back home is perfected in Spherical Time. How then is the law of increasing entropy maintained when Truth’s will leads to ever-increasing perfection, rather than the increasing randomness currently experienced in time? The answer can be found in a deeper understanding of your Self as a center of Truth’s dimensional awareness and the manner in which you create the experiences of Life within the boundaries of time, which boundaries are defined by your current dimensional awareness of Truth’s laws.

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